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McCain Library

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freedom Summer

I did a lot of reading while doing my citations and the annotations. The topic on which I did research was the Freedom Summer which occurred in 1964. This was a big year in Mississippi. Tons of volunteers came to Mississippi to help out with these events that were happening. Three of the boys that came here to help were brutally murdered. Their murders were not solved until about forty-one years after they happened. All of the volunteers during the Freedom Summer had a purpose in which they believed was worth fighting.

All of the Freedom Summer volunteers suffered through a lot of hardships but they believed in their cause. This Freedom Summer's purpose was helping African-Americans get the right to vote. There was a lot of protesting to achieve this. They wanted equality, which they rightly deserved. This was a fight that had been going on and people from other places decided it was time to step in and help.

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