McCain Library

McCain Library

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am in a film class where each week we watch and discuss a new movie each week. We started watching movies that were from a while back and started moving to more recent films. The first one we watched was Citizen Kane. This week we watched Leon, The Professional. It is interesting to see the changes between the two films besides how they look visually.

When films first started being made they were a lot more out of the box than the movies today. Movies today are more cliche than they used to be. I did not realize that until this class. There are very few movies today that make you think and that are different. We watched the movie Brazil and that was a movie that could not have been guessed. It was very different. Once films started selling more because of people being attracted to them, it became more common to make more cliche movies. I think that's an interesting aspect to look at.

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